Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Bathroom Wall - free printable

I won a contest (and a really pretty lamp) when asked where in my house I'd put something that would most inspire or encourage me.  My answer in all seriousness was, "My bathroom wall!"  When asked why there, the answer was easy, "Because it's the one place I get the most peace & quiet...and even that is hit or miss".  I WON!


I have regular stow-aways in my bed when I wake up, I find a little girl on my lap if I attempt to sit on the couch for a breath, I get asked for 80 items as snacks while in the kitchen, and I'm needing to regularly dig up a child from the never-ending laundry pile.

I hear quite often that people receive the most revelation from the bathroom.  I'll admit that certainly happens to me. Whether it's stolen time, rushed time, or the little people actually leave me alone to a few minutes of peace & quiet.  I try to take advantage of that moment where I can hear my own thoughts - and my Jesus' heart.

Meeting with God in the Bathroom

I know the importance of finding quality time with God, dedicating my day to Him, seeking direction, peace, and energy to accomplish the looong to-do list - but there are days, in all reality, that vast quantities of time is just NOT available!

So in those times, l've learned to take advantage of the fact that I do NEED to use the bathroom from time to time through the day, so why not multi-task and make that "pit stop" an opportunity to hand my day and all it's moments over to God - after all, it is HIS day, because I'm HIS!

There is SOO much power in praying scripture over our heart, lives, and circumstances - so I made this declaration to pray over myself.  Whether it be first thing in the morning, or when I need to take a quick moment to bathe myself in an emergency "help me" prayer to continue on, I have this on my bathroom wall.

Click HERE to download & print the image.

Don't get comfortable just doing what is required. You'll accomplish so much more if you surrender your day & all it's moments to God.  I know I can tell (and sadly so can my daughters) when I have not taken the time to cover myself in scripture, and declare victory over my family, my flesh, or my circumstances.  I need to do things in HIS strength, not my own.  Without Him, I am NOTHING.

So, here's MY bathroom wall...

Make your bathroom your sanctuary.  Let's take the word "Restroom" to a NEW level...not just "resting" on the porcelain throne, but "RESTING" in HIM.


  1. Hi Christy! I am here from SDG.

    I LOVED your post, you are so clever! I can just see all the chaos of dealing with kids. I remember when my children were young, and even the bathroom was no refuge...they wanted 'in' there too!

    But good for you for taking 'rest room' to another level! Love your humor. Happy to 'join' you!!

    Peace in Christ,

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I laugh at your comment because my girls want in the bathroom too...which is why I had my hubby draw the little boy with the TNT for this post. It's a regular fight for my solitude ;)

  2. Christy...I love the promises shared in the printable. He is a good God. And I have scripture in my "rest"room as well. We can encourage our faith anywhere in our home, right? Thank you for sharing at WJIM. Have a blessed week.

    1. Thanks, Naomi! Yes we can, and if it didn't look overly tacky, I'd have post-it scriptures all over the I appreciate your encouragement.


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