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We hear all the time how important it is to "Love your Neighbor" but  the question that is always raised is HOW?  Especially while trying to balance our already busy life.  Do you awkwardly walk up their path to the door and knock?  What do you say??  This is especially hard if you're not outgoing by nature.  So we created a tool to help break the ice.
Here's the story of it's inspiration...

The Neighbor Fridge Magnet was created & dedicated in honor of the beautiful friendship that my mom had with our amazing next door neighbor, Maxine & her family.

My family moved into a cul-de-sac when I was very little and my mom met the lady next door.  They were inseparable friends up to the day my mom passed away.  Together they held block parties, garage sales, and solved many life problems over countless cups of tea.

Maxine stuck by my mom's side through all the sickness, heartbreaks, joys and laughter over many years. 
Maxine & my daughter, Abigail...30 years later!
Through the years of friendship between my mom & her amazing friend Maxine, there was so much encouragement of faith in Jesus, and pep-talks to keep drudging on through life's muck.

I could not imagine what life would have been like had they never knocked on each others door looking for sugar, or an egg.

To this day, I endeavor to have a neighborhood where its a community of support that I can offer, and receive for my family, and those around me.

When we have jobs, kids, and regular life busyness, its so nice to come home to peaceful neighborhoods.  Home is where you let your hair down, put on your fuzzy slippers, and find peace at the end of yet another full day.  The last thing we want is for where we live to be another source of frustration and tension.

Having a neighborhood filled with people we know, and trust is an added sense of security and peace.  The best way to bring community to our neighborhood is to be open and available, and befriend those in the area.

We've all heard the phrase "Love your Neighbor" but today we're waaaay too busy, and stressed with our own life right?

I've asked people many times if they knew their neighbors, and some would look down, shuffle their feet in the dirt and confess that even though they've lived in their neighborhood for some time, the did not know the people who lived around them.   I've heard lots of reasons - and among them is that they are just simply not the outgoing type so how do they break the ice?

So our goal is to create some ice breakers to make knocking on your neighbor's door fun & easy.

The Neighbor Magnets

Image copyright IsaVerb LLC
Image copyright IsaVerb LLC

Instead of writing your phone number on a scrap piece of paper and hope they have some free magnet space on their fridge, we created a wonderful ice breaker tool for reaching your neighbors - The Neighbor Magnet.

When you want to offer a small token of "Neighborly support", here's a magnet for their fridge. Simply fill in your information, and give it as a gesture of friendship & community (or at the least for the neighbors to have as an emergency contact).

Neighbor Greeting Card:
Front:  The community was a "Buzz" over the "Sticky Neighbor Paper"
Inside:  Us Neighbors need to "Stick" together

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