Friday, October 2, 2015

Dishing it up!!!

During such a scary time in our society where tragedy is occurring everywhere, it's important to lean into one another as a community.  Let's DISH UP some fun new relationships!


TO CREATE A TOOL TO... get to know some of the people we see in church or in our neighborhood, but haven't had the chance or tool to break the ice. We need ways to strengthen the body of Christ, and arm us that much more to reach the community.  

(It should not only be in the face of tragedy that causes us reach out to one another.)

Us moms who live in the kitchen already cooking for our family - how easy would it be to simply make another dish for someone we want to meet, bless, or get to know better.  

Introducing BLESSED BAKING - because not only do we bless someone else, but God always blesses us when we love those around us.

Since I'm a girl, I love pretty things - so I decided to make some fun colorful bakeware carriers.  I found the tutorial HERE

Next I decided the dish needed a little somethin'-somethin' so I etched BLESSED on the inside of the glass.

Then I commissioned my talented hubbs to draw a fun card that expressed the heart of this let someone know I'm thinking of them, praying for them, and want to FEED them.  For no particular reason...just because we need to lean closer together as the body of Christ then we currently are.
Card Front & Back
Card Inside

There are 3 things you can do with this dish:
  1. Bake for a family or individual the Lord puts on your heart and encourage them to simply continue passing the blessing along.
  2. Bake for a family or individual the Lord puts on your heart and tell them you will be back to pick up the dish within a week.  IN THE MEANTIME - be a prayer partner for them during the time they have the dish...and even look for other ways you can serve them while they have it.
  3. If you are in a small group Bible study, home group, or other like group - designate a new group member each time you meet & give them the dish to fill with goodies for the next time you get together.  Whoever has the dish for the week is charged also with praying over the group individuals.
I LOVE how people come together during a time of crisis - my hubbs almost died...twice this last month, and I have been showered with calls, prayers, texts, visits, lunch dates, and food for our family.  It is a beautiful reminder that we need to be, and are here for one another.  

I want to see us grow closer this world of such current discouragement.  Let us be continually mindful of those around us and knit even closer together as the body of Christ & community.  How powerful a light shining for Jesus can we be if we TRULY are working together!?

I will be putting the BLESSED BAKING kits up for sale soon.  Email me if you're wanting to get a hold of one now.  I have a couple available.