Grief Collection

The Grief Card collection.  Includes 12 unique watercolor cards - one to be sent each month dealing with a different topic on the grief journey (sadness, loneliness, anger...).  Walk for A YEAR alongside a friend on this difficult road.

My Journey...
My mom, Fran McKeever - the artist
A number of years ago, as a typically eager bride getting ready for my wedding in T-minus 3 week, I was clinging to my life-long dream of the perfect wedding day.  With my mom in tow, I headed to the seamstress for the final dress fitting.  The seamstress asked her to sit in a pew at her mini chapel – for the full effect of “THE UNVEILING”.  I saw tears of so much pride in my mom's eyes as I walked onto the platform with my finished wedding gown.  That day spending time with her was perfect and memorable.  We ended the day with a movie, popcorn, and giggled over the fun we were going to have on the special day ahead. 
The next day was the tragic start to a different reality:
The disease my mom had been haunted by for so many years reared its ugly head and suddenly won the battle over her life.  She had been feeling well for many years, and even started her own business, so we were not prepared for the reality that just hit us.   That morning she wasn’t feeling well - but it seemed nothing alarming, around lunchtime she went downhill fast, and it was clear we needed to take her to the hospital, and by 9pm she was gone.
Now what!? 
I chose to carry on with the wedding plans because it’s what mom would have wanted.  I was a mess when I’d see the mother/daughter duos picking out flowers, or centerpieces.   
I went to the appointment my mom had previously set up to pick out the wedding cake.  The salesman at the bakery will (I’m sure) forever remember the time when I, the crazy lady, broke down in front of him like someone would to a bartender pouring my tragedy onto him.  Poor guy wasn’t ready for THAT, I’m sure.
My mom was supposed to walk me down the aisle because my dad was living his last days in a care home losing his battle to yet another ugly disease.  How is this upcoming day going to play out now?  My dream of the perfect day was shattered...or was it?

The wedding day was still beautiful – full of love, support…and laughter (who knew!).  In fact, it was in some ways better than I could have dreamed it to be.  We all hugged tighter, laughed harder, and realized how important it was to never take for granted that we have “tomorrows” with one another.  

The birth of something special...

Through the ups & downs of my journey over the next few years came the card collection created with my mom's paintings.  
I am continually humbled, and blown away at the comments, & support because of healing that has been provided to so many people through them.

When someone looses a loved one, a large (much needed) support of family & friends comes rushing to the immediate aide.  The late night tearful coffee talks, and even meals come pouring in.  

Then, after the funeral, life returns to normal for most people.  And because we live in a "quick fix" society, it's easy to forget the journey of grief can be a long and painful one for many.  Let's stay mindful and supportive to those who are dealing with a loss.

This collection was created to support someone who has lost a loved one for a period of a year.  

Each card touches on a different aspect of the grief journey.   

Purchase the collection of 12 greeting cards, and send one card a month.  There is NOTHING more healing to someone dealing with grief, then knowing REGULARLY they have someone thinking of, and praying for them as they find their new normal.

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