Monday, January 12, 2015

My 40th Birthday...All Things Disney Style!

Because this was a milestone birthday, my family - who loves to be creative - decided to transform our home into "The HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH" to celebrate.  I'm going into my 40s with GREAT anticipation, so why not reflect that with all things that make me smile.  Everything was hand crafted and drawn (and chocolate dipped), but my disclaimer is - it took WAAAAAAY longer then we all anticipated, so my girls and hubbs are VERY over coloring and cutting things out for a while...hehe!  AAAAND, we have a new appreciation for "Tangled"  how DID she keep her hair smooth!?

Let me know if you would like a follow-up post with some of our "how tos" Hope you enjoy some of our projects as much as we did.

The "Up" themed door wreath
The Princesses with Hershey Kisses
"Beauty & The Beast"...Beast's Rose
Home made Chocolate dipped strawberries
Homemade chocolate dipped pretzels
Fork station
Main food table
Rapunzel's tower my hubby drew
Rapunzel's hair from braided yarn...a pound to be exact
Hand drawn "Remy" from Ratatouille
Ruffles & Goldfish crackers - hubby drew Mr. Smee
I burnt the edges of the sign to be more pirat-ey
Most of the candy had been eaten before this picture
Drawn by my hubby, put in front of the fire pit
Drawn by my hubby - hot chocolate station