Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop - Student Photo Week

Here are my "Cuter than ever" students... 

Miss Abigail on our "Field Trip" to the Canadian Rockys - in Banff, AB
The end of an Era - boy she was happy to be done with 4th Grade!!
A new beginning - 5th Grade...SOOO EXCITING!!
Miss Micah on our "Field Trip" to Vancouver Island where we learned to Crab Fish
HAPPY DAY!!!  All done with 3rd Grade!!
VERY excited for the beginning of 4th Grade!!
As you can see we're pretty informal around these parts!  No, I did not let the girls trash their books, but they wanted a picture for their scrapbook of being dramatic and saying GOODBYE to their last year's books.  

We're super excited to see what God does in and through our family this school year as we remain yielded to HIM.


  1. When I saw your post I knew there would be some great pictures of your beautiful girls!! They are so cute and funny!!

  2. Hahaha - thank you, Sarah! I loved the colored Grades your kids did, and was trying to "brainstorm" without copying, but then the girls piped up and offered the throw their books out...LOL!

  3. How creative!

    Great job, girls on persevering through the year. Looking forward to learning alongside you all this upcoming year!


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