Monday, September 9, 2013

School Project...EPIC FAIL!!!

So here we are into week 3 of school, and we've had a ball (so far).

Today we did a project out of "America the Beautiful" (by the Notgrass company) and laughed so hard while trying to accomplish the impossible.

We were to build an Iroquois Long house out of toothpicks & gumdrops.  You'd think we could find gumdrops anywhere in the state of Florida...nope.  So my husband thought perhaps we could use mini marshmallows instead of gumdrops.

Here's the mission (if we choose to accept it)...

 All smiles and confidence as we start to construct the walls...

We built the smoke stacks for the interior of the structure - Micah even made cotton "smoke"...
As the wall assembly begins,
we're still confident in our ability...

Things VERY quickly began to FALL APART...

It was becoming very clear there was NO recovery, 
our mission was crashing & burning

So we tried to cut it in half, 
surely it would hold up if it's a smaller structure, right?


So we decided to do CHUBBY BUNNY! 

Yep, I give you permission to laugh at our non ability to build a simple longhouse.  Good thing we're not Iroquois or we may be kicked out of the tribe.

I decided to do this project this morning, because although our school spirits have been high, some tension was brewing a bit.  The girls had to do some work over the weekend to complete last week's assignments. They chose to play one afternoon - and were warned they'd have to complete their work before Monday; they agreed until the time came to finish.  They were NOT impressed, but I don't want to fall behind.

Nothing reduces stress faster than silliness, so giggling over our inability to do a longhouse was JUST the medicine needed to start the week.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22


  1. This is great! I totally remember trying to school out of marshmallows, toothpicks, graham crackers, Popsicle sticks, WHATEVER! And they ALL ended up failing! :) I think the best thing I ever built out of was a shoe box...because it already had three walls! Oh well, glad you all had fun anyway! :)

    1. HAHA - I think we need to take marshmallows out of the project building ;) I like your idea of shoe box!!

  2. Haha! At least you guys had fun! lol Thanks for sharing your story at Thrive @ Home. :)

  3. Yes...CHUBBY BUNNY!!! Oh, the joys of homeschooling. And although my emphasis for my BFA was sculpture, I doubt I would have been successful in building a marshmallow/toothpick house, hee-hee! Love the photos! You made my day because I am new to homeschooling and there are days when it looks like a disaster (smile)-gotta love it though!

    1. I'm so glad it made your day - it was a good laugh-able moment. We knew the laws of Physics was against us, but thought we'd give it a try anyways. Don't worry, we ALL have those "disaster" days!


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