Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NOT the mom of the year award...


I've been feeling lately like I'm on the "outside of the outhouse" doing the pee-pee dance waiting for some things to grow and change in our lives...and it's so true - being impatient turns minutes into eternities!

And out of my impatience, I had a "bad mom" moment.

It really made me take a step back, and reflect on WHY I was feeling so anxious.

It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in the list, chores, planning, and reaching towards the future- oy! I was getting wound up over the things that were NOT happening the way I wanted. The next thing I knew, I over-reacted to a situation with my beautiful daughter.  Yes, she almost burned the house down and it scared me, but it did NOT warrant my reaction, I'm afraid.
I sadly realized I was not embracing my tasks, loves, and gifts of today and REALLY putting to practice Matthew 6:25-34.

There is always so much to do - and the days seem to never have enough hours in them. The family or friend "play time" tends to get put off to "some other time" as I'm forever trying to achieve, or accomplish... and before I knew it, the grouchies had done a complete "hostile take-over". the beach we went!  There is nothing more healing and refreshing than 

It amazes me (even though it shouldn't) how much perspective, peace, and focus can be gained by taking time out of the hectic schedule to simply enjoy myself - and serve my family.

I came home with such an amazing renewed sense of purpose.  This lesson may be easy for many, but somehow tough for me - because I'm a dreamer & planner...and I know that's not a bad thing - but I need to keep my concentration on what the treasures of my todays hold - and stay simple...and leave my tomorrows in God's amazingly capable hands.  

Let me never take for granted, or forget to enjoy my today.

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