Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Tribute to Healing

I've been asked many times about the card collection  - and being that it's Mother's Day, 
I wanted to share this story in honor of my mom, the artist. 

Growing up with 2 parents who struggled with terminal illness was most challenging.  My dad worked on the railroad, hunted & fished all we ate until he was too sick to do all the things he loved.  He slowly was losing his mobility, and his life - and as a result he became a very angry, controlling hostile person.  I remember when he first lost his ability to drive, he'd sit in the living room chair and stare at his hunting truck for 18 hours a day...for many months.  I can't imagine his anguish knowing he would never be able to do the things he loved again.  His deep pain and fear resulted in him lashing out at us, his family.

My mom too had her own set of challenges with her illness (not to mention trying to help my dad), and almost died several times over the years.  Where she was an inspiration through chaotic and stressful circumstances was that she always saw the glass as half full, and found ways to find peace through difficult circumstances.  She'd find a stress outlet to pour herself into - something that would bring healing and joy in the midst of storm.

Her last and greatest passion before suddenly passing away - was watercolor painting.  It brought her such joy over her last years.

After my mom passed away - then my dad, it was difficult to find my new normal life and sift through all the feelings and pain.  Through my journey I found that the grief is not an easy road - and is fairly lonely.  Most don't know what to say, and forget it can be a long journey.  So I originally created this card collection as MY outlet of healing.  This has become a tool of support to others on the journey of loosing someone loved.  There are 12 cards in total - one for every month for a year of support.

Thank you - my friends and family for the support on my journey.  I'm excited to see my mom's continual legacy of joy, and peace carry on to be a support to others in difficult life circumstances.

Here is the link to our store where the card collection can be purchased.


I'm delighted to hear your own encouragement & experiences. Thank you for joining me